Project Description

Rebar Gas Pressure Welding Machine

Gas pressure welding adopts the method of heating the steel joints by the combination of oxygen and acetylene gases, when the temperature reaches the plastic state, then putting pressure on the joints to crimp the steel joints together. At present, the gas pressure welding is mainly used in the butt welding for construction bar splicing.

Each set of gas pressure welding machine includes the below accessories:

  1. Bar welding bases — 4pcs;
  2. Welding tip — 3pcs;
  3. Hydraulic pump — 1pc;
  4. Gas mixture tube — 1pc;
  5. Welding pole — 1pc;
  6. Spark electrode — 1pc;
  7. Nozzle clearer — 1pc;
  8. Spanner & Reducing valve — 1pc.

Advantages of Butt Weld Forging of bars:

  • 30% saving in consumption of bars;
  • Saving the time of implementation;
  • Saving human resources;
  • Saving transportation due to reduced material consumption
  • Connecting wasted bars to each other and re-using them