Project Description

Hex Round Arris Rebar Coupler 

Rebar parallel coupler include rebar rib-peeling rolling threaded coupler, rebar rolling threaded coupler and rebar upsetting thread coupler. It is mainly applied into rebar mechanical splicing in construction projects. The specification of many types of couplers made by our company is from 12mm to 50mm, fit for the hot rolled ribbed rebar – HRB335, HRB400, and HRB500, etc.

The rebar splicing coupler include Standard rebar coupler, Left-handed and Right-handed rebar coupler, Reducer rebar coupler, Wide Mouth rebar coupler, Nut Locking rebar coupler, and Weldable rebar coupler six main types in total, applied for residential, highway, bridge, railway, and commercial buildings, etc. Besides, the Taper threaded rebar coupler is widely used in lots of construction projects.

What’s more, many types of customized rebar coupler can be made in our company based on customer’s need. At present, our company have provided high quality rebar couplers for construction projects in more than 50 countries and regions.