The below are the advantages of our rebar thread rolling machine.

  • The speed is fast.The process of rib-peeling and thread rolling is in sequence in a single operation.

  • The thread accuracy is high. And the thread diameters arethe

  • Long lifespan of blade. Double sides ofblade can be used and it can be used repeatedly by grinding.

  • Different processing speedsand different powers are available. It can satisfy many types production requirements.

  • The cutter body can expand automatically, the head can return automaticallyand the machine can stop automatically. The noise is low while rolling thread and the performance is stable.

  • The quality of rebar thread end is stab And the splice strength is higher than parent rebar.

  • The processing thread length can be customized. The M lengths include 100mm, 200mm, 300mm, 400mm and so on.

  • Longservice life of roller. Double sides of the rollers can be used. It can save your cost.