Project Description

Oil Filter

The filter element of oil filter is made of ultrafine glass fiber from HV company of the United States and pure wood pulp from Ahlstorm company of South Korea. The oil filter can filter solid particles, impurities, oil deterioration and so on in lubricating oil to protect moving parts like the main engine.

The filtering accuracy is 10~15μm.

The service of oil filter element is about 2000hours. And the oil quality and

working environment has a great effect on the service life of oil filter element.

Applicable models of air compressors: Ingersoll Rand, Atlas Copco, Fusheng, Sullair, Liutech, Compair, Hitachi, Kobelco, Boge, Gardner Denver, Kaeser, Kaishan, Hongwuhuan, Desran, United OSD, Schneider, Jufeng, Luowei, Rotorcomp, Kangkeer, Wenjian, Jaguar, August, Quincy, Screw, Feihe, Inspur, Gairs, Lingheir, Ganey, Hanbell and otehr brands.


a. Apply lubricating oil on the surface of gasket during installation.

b. The inferior lubricating oil and the mixed use of unmatched lubricating oil will accelerate the formation of coke and shorten the service life of oil filter element.

c. Our factory can provide all kinds of oil filter and filter element with various filter precision and specification according to customer’s demand.

  No.   NamePart Number
1Oil filterW719/5
2Oil filterW724
3Oil filterW920
4Oil filterW940
5Oil filterW950
6Oil filterW962
7Oil filterWD962
8Oil filterW11102
9Oil filterW1374/2
10Oil filterW1374/4
11Oil filterW1374/6
12Oil filterW13145/3
13Oil filterWD13145