Project Description

CRS64 Tangential Chaser Threading Machine

ModelCRS 64
Max. Threading Diameter64mm
Min. Threading Diameter20mm
Main Motor Power/RPM5.5kw/1440rpm
Max. Threading Length400mm
Dimension (mm)1630*640*1300mm

CRS64 Tangential Chaser Threading Machine is used for turning pipe thread, metric thread with different blades for different needs. It has strong applicability and can be used for pipe material and bar material. Applied into mass production of steel pipe factory, mining bureau, building, bridge and other related enterprises.

Its characteristic is: when processing the cutting operation, the work is to be held in a vice on the work saddle and fed, through turning of the hand wheel, to the rotating die head until it is gripped by the chasers automatically for cutting the thread. The axis of the work is aligned with that of the die head so that the thread cut is accurate and smooth.

Its features:

a. Hydraulic clamping device;

b. Automatic material blocking;

c. Frequency control of motor speed;

c. Pneumatic opening device;

d. Linear ball guide;

e. Progressing range: M20-64;

f. Equipped with 2 sets of Chaser holder along with the machine.