Project Description

Air Filter

The filter element of air filter is made of wood pulp from HV company of the United States and Ahlstorm company of South Korea. The air filter can filter impurities in air such as dust, sand, moisture, oil mist and so on.

The service life of air filter is about 2000 hours. And the working environment has a great effect on the service life of air filter.

Applicable models of air compressors: Ingersoll Rand, Atlas Copco, Fusheng, Sullair, Liutech, Compair, Hitachi, Kobelco, Boge, Gardner Denver, Kaeser, Kaishan, Hongwuhuan, Desran, United OSD, Schneider, Jufeng, Luowei, Rotorcomp, Kangkeer, Wenjian, Jaguar, August, Quincy, Screw, Feihe, Inspur, Gairs, Lingheir, Ganey, Hanbell and other brands.


a. Periodically blow back according to the usage.

b. The rated air intake of the air filter must be greater than the rated air intake of the main engine.

c. Select the air filter element with low inlet resistance and large dust capacity.

4. Put air filter element into dry and ventilated place to avoid the influence of moisture on the service life.

Our factory can provide all kinds of air filter and filter element with various filter precision and specification according to customer’s demand.

  No.   NamePart Number
1Air filterC630
2Air filterC1140
3Air filterC1250
4Air filterC1213
5Air filterC1450
6Air filterC1633/1
7Air filterC1131
8Air filterC1368
9Air filterC17100
10Air filterC11100
11Air filterC14200
12Air filterCF200
13Air filterC15300
14Air filterCF300
15Air filterC16400
16Air filterCF400
17Air filterC20500
18Air filterCF500
19Air filterC23174
20Air filterC23115
21Air filterC23185
22Air filterC23610
23Air filterCF610
24Air filterC25710
25Air filterCF710
26Air filterC25740
27Air filterC25860/3
28Air filterC281440
29Air filterC30810
30Air filterCF810
31Air filterC261100
32Air filterC1176/3
33Air filterC15165/3
34Air filterC17201
35Air filterC17225/3
36Air filterC20325/2
37Air filterC23440/3
38Air filterC24650/1
39Air filterC30850/2
40Air filterC301537
41Air filterC36840/1
42Air filterC33920/3
43Air filterCF2100
44Air filterC23440/2
45Air filterC271050
46Air filterCF3100