Project Description

Full-Automatic Hydraulic Bar Straightening and Cutting Machine

  Model  YGT6-12
Adjusting Bar Diameter6-12mm
Automatic cutting length650-8000mm
Cutting length error±10mm
Adjusting speed50m/min
Straightening Motor Power7.5kw
Hydraulic Motor Power3.0kw
Machine dimension(L*W*H)1960*650*1300mm
Machine weight680kgs

YGT6-12 automatic hydraulic steel bar straightening and cutting machine is suitable for the straightening and cutting of various metal wires with specifications of φ6-φ12mm.

Main features:

  1. Simple operation, high work efficiency, low vibration, low noise and stable operation.
  2. Equipped with a separate control cabinet, using a low-voltage control system, high safety factor.
  3. Equipped with automatic counting stop and fixed length device, the quantity and length can be adjusted at will.
  4. Straightening and cutting work is stable, the structure is reasonable, the maintenance is convenient, and the cutting precision is high.
  5. The hydraulic system can effectively control the oil temperature, and can work continuously.
  6. It adopts double straightening, and the surface of the steel bar after straightening has no scratches and good straightness.
  7. Easy adjustment, simple blanking, high production efficiency and labor saving.