Project Description

Rebar Thread Cutting Machine CRS40

Rebar  Diameter(mm)12-40mm
Gyrating speed32r/min
Reverse gear46r/min
Motor power2.5/3.0kw

CRS40 Rebar Thread Cutting Machine:

Working principle:

First, using the end upset forging machine (CRS40 Rebar Upsetting Machine) to forge the end for the rebar;

Second, using the threading machine (CRS40 Thread Cutting Machine) to thread the ends of the rebar which have been forged;

Third, using a coupler to to link the two ends of the rebar.

Advantages of the technology:

  1. Wide working range: adaptable for φ12mm-φ40mmsame diameter, different diameter, new and old, advance covered up rebar of GB 1499, BS4449, ASTM A615 or ASTM A706 standard.
  2. High strength: stronger than the reinforcement bar and guarantees bar break under tensile stress, It can satisfy the requirements stipulated in the Chinese standard JGJ107-2003, JG171-2008.
  3. High efficiency: upset forging and threading one joint only need no more than one minute, and handy operation and quick link.
  4. Environmental protection and economy profit: no environment pollution, can work all day, not affected by weather, economize energy source and bar material.