Project Description

Tangential Chaser

Tangential chaser is one of kinds of threading tools. It can be used in our Anchor Bolt Threading Machines CRS39 series. Four pieces per set.

Raw material: HSS9(High-Speed-Steel)


  1. The service life is longer than other chasers.
  2. The tangential chaser can be used repeatedly by grinding.
  3. It can produce cylindrical thread and taper thread.

Work range:

For metric thread, the threading diameter is from 10mm to 39mm.

Common Thread pitch: 1、1.25、1.5、1.75、2、2.5、3、3.5、4

Tangential chaser can be customized.


  1. Please check the tangential chaser size when installing.
  2. Tangential chaser should be installed in sequence.
  3. After using, the mechanical impurities on the outer surface of tangential chaser should be cleared.