Project Description

Air Oil Separator

The filter element of gas oil separator is made of ultrafine glass fiber from HV and Lydall company of the United States. The foggy mixture of oil and gas in compressed air can be completely filtered by the air oil filter element.

Under normal working pressure 0.7Mpa~1.0Mpa, the initial pressure difference of gas oil separator is between 0.15ar~0.25ar. The oil content of compressed air can be controlled at 3~6ppm; The oil particles of compressed air below 0.1μm.

The service life of gas oil separator is more than 4000 hours. The service life of gas oil separator is influenced by the design of the oil and gas separator barrel, daily maintenance, the environment, the lubricating oil, working temperature, and the quality of the gas oil separator.

Applicable models of air compressors: Ingersoll Rand, Atlas Copco, Fusheng, Sullair, Liutech, Compair, Hitachi, Kobelco, Boge, Gardner Denver, Kaeser, Kaishan, Hongwuhuan, Desran, United OSD, Schneider, Jufeng, Luowei, Rotorcomp, Kangkeer, Wenjian, Jaguar, August, Quincy, Screw, Feihe, Inspur, Gairs, Lingheir, Ganey, Hanbell and otehr brands.

Our factory can provide all kinds of gas oil filter and filter element with various filter precision and specification according to customer’s demand.

  No.   NamePart Number
1Air oil separator4930153131
2Air oil separator4930153101
3Air oil separator4930253131
4Air oil separator4930353121
5Air oil separator4930353111
6Air oil separator4930453101
7Air oil separator4930553111
8Air oil separator4930553101
9Air oil separator4930653102
10Air oil separator4930653181
11Air oil separator4900253113
12Air oil separator4900051321
13Air oil separator4900051181
14Air oil separator4900051221
15Air oil separator4900051481
16Air oil separator4900051541
17Air oil separator4900051581
18Air oil separator4940153102
19Air oil separator4930055171
20Air oil separator4930053222
21Air oil separator4930153401
22Air oil separator4930153141
23Air oil separator4930155151
24Air oil separator4930153532
25Air oil separator4930155361
26Air oil separator4940353121
27Air oil separator4940453111
28Air oil separator4930153151
29Air oil separator4900252211
30Air oil separator4930755111
31Air oil separator4930255491/SB257
32Air oil separator4941253111/SB715