Project Description

Rebar Thread Rolling Machine RTM40-100

For Rebar Diameter (mm)16-40mm
Max. Thread Length (mm)100mm
Main Motor Power4.0kw/5.5kw
Working Current3phase, 220V/380V/415V
Package Dimension (mm)1340*640*1160

Rebar Rib-peeling Thread Rolling Machine RTM40 adopts the splicing technology of rebar rib-peeling and rolling thread. When running, the machine will rib the peel for rebar first, then roll the rebar to make the thread, and it only need one time to finish the above two progress, which make the processing speed very fast, get the high-quality thread, and run stably.
1. Fast processing speed, one time to finish rib-peeling and roll thread, save labors.
2. Special design for lead angle, easy to operate, save effort.
3. High thread precision, connecting easily for rebar splicing.
4. Reasonable machine structure, running for a long time stably.