Project Description

50A Steel Pipe Tangential Chaser Threading Machine

  Model  50A
Thread Diameter1 1/4″(1/2)” ~ 2″
Layer Board Travel180mm
Main Motor Power5.5kw
Spindle Speed0~82r/min
Machine Weight1300kgs

Our company mainly produce Steel tube thread cutting machine,and ZBPTS50A is one of this machine model. Its main characteristics are as below:

  • Adopting the frequency to control speed;
  • Feeding and retracing are pneumatic.
  • Hydraulic pressure on the vice jaws clamp and loosen;
  • Using linear guide;
  • Equipped with the hoop plates.

The above equipment help to lower the intensity of labor, make the efficiency increase greatly, and make the perfect thread for steel pipe. And the machine can be used for mass production in the steel pipe threading factory. The most important is that this machine can be customized according to customers’ special request.