What are the common types for Rebar Mechanical Splicing?2018-12-20T16:21:49+08:00

In general, there are six types.

  • Rib-peeling and thread rolling parallel thread rebar splicing

  • Direct rolling parallel thread rebar splicing

  • Upsetting parallel thread rebar splicing

  • Taper thread rebar splicing

  • Cold stamping rebar splicing

  • Grout-filled rebar splicing

If we need to use rib-peeling and thread rolling parallel thread rebar splicing, which machine should we choose?2018-12-20T17:08:15+08:00

You can choose our Rebar Thread Rolling Machine RTM40-100 or RTM40-200.

Its basic parameters: for rebar diameter 16-40mm, Max thread length 100mm or 200mm, main motor power 4.0KW and 5.5kw, 3phase-220V/380V/415V, 62rpm.

If you need to process 36mm and 40mm rebar frequently, 5.5kw motor power is the best choice.

What are the advantages of your Rebar Thread Rolling Machines?2018-12-20T17:12:06+08:00

The below are the advantages of our rebar thread rolling machine.

  • The speed is fast.The process of rib-peeling and thread rolling is in sequence in a single operation.

  • The thread accuracy is high. And the thread diameters arethe

  • Long lifespan of blade. Double sides ofblade can be used and it can be used repeatedly by grinding.

  • Different processing speedsand different powers are available. It can satisfy many types production requirements.

  • The cutter body can expand automatically, the head can return automaticallyand the machine can stop automatically. The noise is low while rolling thread and the performance is stable.

  • The quality of rebar thread end is stab And the splice strength is higher than parent rebar.

  • The processing thread length can be customized. The M lengths include 100mm, 200mm, 300mm, 400mm and so on.

  • Longservice life of roller. Double sides of the rollers can be used. It can save your cost.

Does the model RTM40-100 of Rebar Thread Rolling Machine can process 12mm-14mm rebar?2018-12-20T17:13:55+08:00

Yes. After replacing the machine head with 12-14mm machine head, our rebar thread rolling machine can process 12mm-14mm rebar.

What is the package of the Rebar Thread Rolling Machine?2018-12-20T17:18:13+08:00

The rebar thread rolling machine will be packaged by standard exporting wooden case, for RTM40-100 Rebar Thread Rolling Machine, the dimension is 1340*640*1160mm .

Should we use cutting fluid when using the thread rolling machine to roll thread?2018-12-20T17:20:27+08:00

Yes. It is necessary to use the cutting fluid when rolling thread.

Peeling the rib and rolling thread will produce a lot of heat, and cutting fluid can cool the machine to protect blades and rollers. In addition, the cutting fluid has a lubricating effect, which can save much efforts.

What’s more, water-soluble cutting fluid are good for the bonding of rebar and concrete compared with neat cutting oils. If rolling thread with neat cutting oils, rebars will have oil and then cannot be bonded with concrete fully.

Do we need to purchase cutting fluid frequently?2018-12-20T17:22:33+08:00

No. The cutting fluid can be used circularly.

We need to check whether the cutting fluid is enough or not. If the cutting fluid is too little, additional cutting fluid is needed.

Can the rebar thread rolling machine process left-hand thread?2018-12-20T17:24:30+08:00

Yes. After adjusting the relative position of rollers and spacers, our rebar thread rolling machine can process left-hand thread.

What will happen if the rebar thread rolling machine rolls thread on uneven rebar end?2018-12-20T17:27:59+08:00

When the thread rolling machine begin to roll thread, it is necessary to cut the rebar end  by cutting machine or a band saw. If not, the rebar thread end is unacceptable, the thread will be bad.

What is the upsetting parallel rebar splicing technology?2019-01-04T17:18:57+08:00

The upsetting parallel rebar splicing technology: Firstly, enlarging the rebar end by rebar upsetting machine. Secondly, threading on the enlarged end of rebar by rebar threading machine. Thirdly, connecting with an upsetting rebar coupler. After upsetting, the cross-sectional area will become larger and the strength of rebar end will become higher. After threading, the minimum thread diameter of rebar should not be less than the rebar base. Therefore, the splice can be as strong as the rebar base.

Can rebar end be cold forged twice?2019-01-04T17:19:47+08:00

No. If not reach the standard, the upsetting rebar end (the clamping section and upsetting section) should be cut off. The 2nd upsetting for rebar is not allowed!

What is your recommended machine assembly for upsetting parallel rebar splicing?2019-01-04T17:20:41+08:00

Our suggestion is as follows.

  • Rebar Upset Forging Parallel Thread Machine RUM-40C and Rebar Thread Cutting Machine CRS40.

  • Rebar Upsetting Machine LD1800 and Rebar Thread Cutting Machine CTM40.

  • Rebar Upsetting Machine RUM-32D and Rebar Thread Cutting Machine CTM40.

  • Rebar Upsetting Machine RUM-32D and Rebar Thread Thread Rolling Machine RTM40-100.