Project Description

Aluminum Foil Thermal Insulation Bags


Product NameAluminum Foil Thermal Insulation Bags
MaterialEPE composite aluminum foil insulation material
Thickness3 mm
SizeRegular size
ProductionFlat mouth
UsageCold storage, Preservation

Thermal Insulation Bags adopt the Aluminum film, which reject the PVC film that is not environmentally friendly, so choosing the environmentally friendly aluminum film, it is more heat-insulated, and it is waterproof and easy to clean. In addition to heat insulation, it also reflects radiation and fiber, and the environmentally friendly aluminum film has good weather resistance.

Features: Material insulation, Lock temperature, Lock fresh


* Easy to clean

* User-friendly design

* 0°preservation

* Safe and healthy

* Free to fold, waterproof material

* Dimensions can be customized