Project Description

Artificial Climbing Wall

Artificial rock climbing is a kind of man-made climbing structure (Artificial Climbing Structure).

Introduction to Sport Climbing

Each artificial rock field is calculated and analyzed by a professional engineer to maximize the likelihood of all climbing and to minimize all risks. In other words, the artificial rock field simulates the diversity and variability of the natural rock environment and, through engineering mechanics analysis, removes all uncertainties and risk factors from the natural environment, thus creating a controlled artificial environment, which offers more safe climbing space. The artificial rock climbing field is suitable for construction according to any size. And we can supply you customized design.

Independent Sport-climbing Planning And Design

The number of rock climbing lanes is designed as required. At present, the size of the rock plate for outdoor rock climbing is 900mm×900mm. In general, the width of a typical rock-climbing course is designed to be three plates-2.7m. The rock plate is used for the sealing of the rock road, and the color steel tile can also be used. If you want to build a stand-alone rock climbing project, it is necessary to use the foundation to increase the stability. And you can provide detailed site information for more reasonable design and quotation.