Project Description

UN Series Butt Welding Machine

Product ModelRated CapacityVoltageDuty CycleLow-carton Steel Welding Area
UN-100100 KVA380 V20%800mm2
UN-150150 KVA380 V20%1000mm2

Welding scale

Welding is suitable for a wide range of scale. In principle, what can be cast metal materials can be welded by a bright butt welding machine such as low carbon steel, high carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel and,  other non-ferrous metals and alloys.

The welding cross-section area is large. In general, a cross-section from tens to tens of thousands of mm2 can be welded. Bright butt welding is widely used in welding all kinds of plates, fittings, profiles, solid parts, cutting tools, etc.


  1. Energy- Radiator bright light welding machine chooses two 125KVA resistance welding transformer for power, with pneumatic compression, forging, no hydraulic station. Compared with the other two 315KVA single-phase communication resistance welding transformer and two 18KVA hydraulic station welding machines, the UN-250AB welding machine can save up to 78%.
  2. The requirement of the power grid is low. 250KVA power grid is enough.
  3. The welding accuracy is high. The light processes controlled by programmable controller PLC and imported stepping motor. The firing amount and firing rate can be designed. And the welding electric current can be controlled by the microcomputer welding controller. The error of the post-weld head can be controlled in ±2mm, which facilitates the subsequent welding of the sheet.
  4. Working in the middle automatically. The distance between the two ends of the welded pipe string and the two ends of the head are equal, which will ensure the amount of burning at both ends.
  5. High welding efficiency. The pressing of the workpiece is a double force cylinder, and its reaction speed is significantly faster than that of the hydraulic cylinder.
  6. Convenient operation and maintenance services. Because there is no hydraulic station, the product adjustment point, hair disease point is less. There will be no oil leakage and other phenomena.